Original Celtic Grey Sea salt 1Kg

Original Celtic Grey Sea salt 1Kg

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Our original celtic Grey Sea Salt is crumbly, almost flaky and fondant and naturally rich in mineral salts. This composition and the presence
 of marine microflora give it its particular taste. Celtic Grey sea salt is unwashed, unrefined and additive-free. Its richness gives it the characteristic of rehydrating in the presence of moisture. Our celtic Grey sea salt is harvested every day in summer from clay beds. This specific nature gives it its grey colour, which must not be too pronounced, and its porous crumbly fondant crystals. During harvesting, the saturated mother waters settle in the grain,  Macronutrients and oligo elements are trapped when it dries. As a result our Celtic grey sea salt
 is not washed or refined, as these nutritious soluble elements would be the first to disappear. By far the most popular of our Salts, Celticseasalts original Celtic Grey contains only the finest hand harvested unrefined Sea Salt.  Our Celtic Grey gourmet salt is moist, almost flaky and fondant, Perfect for cooking or seasoning and is also an excellent salt for the traditional curing of fish and meat.
Because our original Celtic Grey is moist it makes it the best salt available for cooking  in a salt crust This method of cooking  gives meat or fish an incomparable moistness and imparts a delicate flavour.  Our celtic Grey sea salt also contains extreme halophile (salt-loving) micro-organisms , which contribute to its colour and aroma. The dunaliela salina is a micro algae which gives the characteristic pinkish colour to
 the mother waters, feeds artemias, which themselves give the rose colour to salmon and flamingos.

Our Original Celtic grey Sea salt is available in 250g, 500g and 1000g size retail packs. We can also offer large quantities either in our retail packaging or bulk packs for white labelling. If you would like to stock our fantastic award winning salt then please do get in touch via our very quick contact form and we’ll get back to you same very quickly. If you would also like to purchase for your own use or for a business,restaurant, bakery or similar, please do also get in touch.


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