Crestaquatics Marine Bio Pellets Plus - 2000ml

Crestaquatics Marine Bio Pellets Plus - 2000ml

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Brand New Marine Bio Pellets Plus.
After 6 Successful years of producing world famous Bio Pearls, Crest aquatics have listened to customers and have greatly improved the Product. They now come in a smaller pellet form, same great recipe just a different shape and size. Following several Months of testing and adjusting, crest aquatics have come up with the best shape, weight and size of pellet to allow for much easier fluidisation in your reactors. Under the microscope the rough cuts also hugely increase the overall surface area which in turn improves seed time and bacterial and nutrient uptake. Taking all of this into consideration means we can now use a reduced flow through the reactor which not only saves you on pump size etc but greatly increases contact time which allows for a superior end result. They have also proven to be a great hit in the smaller Nano reactors. We hope moving forward our pellets are every bit as successful as the original Bio Pearls were.

  • Lighter with improved shape
  • Easier fluidisation
  • Allowed Reduced flow - longer contact time
  • Roughed edges - Improved overall surface area
  • Improved seed time
  • Improved Bacterial and Nutrient uptake
  • Great in Nano reactors
  • All round improved product

Newly improved Pellets work in the same way as Bio Pearls and come with updated instructions in every pack.

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