Large Magneisum Pack

Large Magneisum Pack

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Our Large Magnesium Pack Consists of 1Kg of bath Crystals and 1 bottle of our Zechstein Magnesium Oil.

Treat yourself to several warm revitalising Baths followed by our wonderfull Magnesium oil Spray. This will work away any muscular aches and pains and build up your Magnesium Mineral levels.

 Magnesium baths are a great way to relieve those post workout aches and as a bonus will help to maintain overall muscle and bone health. Magnesium rapidly aids the recovery and repair of muscle tissue giving you the added edge in the gym.

Used a part of daily routine our Magnesium oil will greatly improve your bodies magnesium levels. Applied directly to the skin it will absorb very easily and also leave no unwanted residue, Also known as Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.

Our oil has no scent, aroma or color so can easily be applied at any time of the day.






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