15% Lugols Iodine - 30ml Bottle

15% Lugols Iodine - 30ml Bottle

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All Bottles come with a glass dropper, this may be supplied separate as some of our bottles already had dropper inserts. We recommend using lugols as a transdermal application, often referred to as paint on.  In other words let it absorb through the skin. Maximum of 1-2 drops per day for 2-3 weeks will get your levels up. For internal use of iodine we always recommend consulting a medical professional. We also recommend researching the great benefits of Lugol's iodine as there is lots of great information out there.


Serving Size : 1 Drop.

Iodine content per Serving  18.75mg,

Iodine  -  7.5mg.

Iodide  -  11.25mg

600 Servings per 30ml

Transdermal Use: Apply 1-4 drops daily

onto the skin for upto three weeks.

Internal use: Please consult your health practitioner.




You should always consult a medical profesional before starting any suppliments.

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